Friday , January 22 2021

Mario Shieris, writer of The Ugly Duck: "Darts must go to jail"

While the complaint of sexual violence was filed against

Juan Darts

in Nicaragua, the country in which the violation occurred that the actress denounced yesterday

Telma Fardin

the voice of support and reflection on the urgency of a drastic change of the paradigm in the TV environment is felt. And while they review and investigate responsibilities, those that are part of them
The ugly Duckling, whose band was part of Darts and Fardin, sought solidarity with the girl.

Marcelo Tinley

, who at the time chaired ideas from the southern producer behind the success,
celebrates in her program last night the complaint announced by the collective Actrices Argentinas. In dialogue with LA NACION, Mario Shieris, author of
The ugly DucklingHe not only expressed his support for Thelma, who, after the success of this band, worked on other occasions, but he feared the news: "I have a great indignation and I want [Darthés] go prisoner. "

The screenwriter,
after leaving Alejandro Stoessel of the production company at the end of 2008, he stayed for several months at the helm of the Ideas del Sur artistic leadership, declaring that he was not involved in organizing fantastic tours whose sponsorship in Latin America was in the hands of Daniel Grinbank. The music producer, consulted by LA NACION, confirmed that "the responsibility of the voices and all the artistic aspects of the show corresponded to the producer Ideas de Sur".

"It's unmistakable harm, I can not understand, it can harm your sexuality, but I do not think there was any negligence on the part of the production, what the savage does is out of control," said the writer. …
duck It was a success I do not know how he used this situation to take her to something so terrible. in
The ugly Duckling It was all happiness. We were all very happy. Until now,
The ugly Duckling It was very expensive in my career. I never knew anything about it. It was a surprise for all. "

According to the actresses of the strip and confirmed by Shieris, the youth is always accompanied by adults. Normally, Brenda Ascinar's mother and Laura Esveville's parents travel with them to the various cities that toured the show. Moreover, as revealed by Nicole Lewis
More information, in LN +, the women slept together, and the routine work was very friendly: "Sometimes we were organizing pajamas in the room of some, we were very close." "I'm sorry I did not realize anything that happened to him," Nicole said of Telma's testimonies.

– I do not think so [Darthés] be recalled by a manufacturer. I understand that we must eradicate it from the media, "added Shieris, who was consulted about Darts's relationship with the other participants, saying:" Over the years
duck I have not heard any unwanted comments from him. "However, he asserts that in the face of Callo Rivero's complaint of harassment, he faces her:" We have to believe women. I never thought I was innocent. I have not seen him for many years. I took a position.

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