Sunday , July 25 2021

Market 0 km: Saved plans collapsed and in January they fell by 57%

Savings plans to buy a new car are they collapsed 56.9% In the first month of 2019, this purchase method, which is the most popular in the country with zero kilometer contributions, represents 24.8% of the total number of patents.

The figure was revealed by the Association of Dealers of the Republic of Argentina (Acara). January 2019 was tenth month in the autumn, Previous (-56.2%), November (-57.5%), October (-54.3%), September (-50.9%), August (-39.9%), July (-28.4% ), May (-14%) and April (-2.9%).

By brand in the first month of the year, the plans were the most Renault, with 25% participation, followed by consent (17.1%) and Volkswagen (16.2%). They followed brod (12.3%), Chevrolet (9.4%), Toyota (6.9%), Peugeot (6.7%), Citroën (3%) and others (3.3%).

Of the total number of cars sold in January, a 59% of the transactions were made in cash (taking advantage of the available discounts) while a 40.3% are for clothing (23,982) and 0,4% for leasing (rental with option to purchase).

Within the clothes, savings plans remained with 60%24% are loans from financial brands, 14% from banks, and others from other.

According to experts, the problem of savings plans came from the devaluation arm, Are these fees paid by the person tied to the price of carsWith the strong increase it had in 2018, in some cases they even tripled and many of them could not continue to pay them.

According to the TN Autos report, among the negative aspects of saving plans is the increase in the price of the quota based on the price list of the car, delivery delay, "administrative costs" and that you can not choose the car insurance (what comes is usually more expensive).

Among the positive aspects, the possibility of access to 0 km without a major initial investment, as it can be done up to 84 months (7 years) with a lower fee on a loan. However, in the context of economic instability They are not a recommended tool.

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