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Martin Fierro Radio 2018: The Owls were Made by Pinky and Kaco Fontana – 11/26/2018

In addition to the prizes of up to 30 items, it was a tribute to Martin Fiero Radio 2018. First, it was Rieret's order, and then it arrived the recognition of Pinky and Cacho Fontana.

With a video reviewing part of the vast trajectory of the two largest Argentine televisions and radio, honor began. "The people of Aptra asked me about this task, which is very satisfying. This lady is called Pinky, and this is radio and television. And this boy is Kacso Fontana, " Hector Lorrea introduced them to the stage.

After the applause of everyone in Sheraton, Kacho said: "We are living out of affection, good attitude and generosity. An illusion, to be the best for those who have loved us so long. "

And then the driver who succeeded in Rivadavia with the program Fountain Show He referred to the listeners who followed him for years: "We miss you very much, you do not know how difficult it is to get out of this environment, with such generous means with us. I say goodbye, perhaps, to my audience.

Kacho Fontana and Pinky, radio fans

Kacho Fontana and Pinky, fans of the Martin Fiero Radio 2018. Larelrea, the Captura TV.

"To thank you is something so vulgar, but that's the truth. Thank you all, from my mother to the audience, "Kacso shut up for a pure emotion.

Beside him, Lydia Satagnore condemned: "Radio and television are the only places in the world where I have never been afraid"She and Kaccio live together in a geriatric residence and go out specially to receive their awards.

That's what Pinky said: "With Kaccio we were 30 years old, without seeing me, one day he called me on the phone and invited me to Inter-Plaza (the residence they shared). This homage sensitizes me so much, and I dedicate it, for otherwise he would not be here. "

Lorrea, with great luck for the moment, handed to Martin Fiero both of them and asked for the strong applause that really felt in the living room. "They do us good because they want us to make us feel good", thank Kacho. "Thank you," Pinky said.

Pinky and Kacho Fountain (Archives).

Pinky and Kacho Fountain (Archives).

In July Pinky was interviewed Clarin: "I feel invisible," he admitted. When I'm not in contact with people, I feel invisible, but suddenly something very strange happens to me. Amazing things happen. They called me from the minority heroes of the Argentinean ambassador to Ethiopia. The attachment of the public is the best thing that happened to me. Call, pray. And I put one foot in the street and touched.

Fontana, on the other hand, had spoken hunting horn from the geriatric in Palermo six months ago: "Old age is something I did not expect, I did not know what it was: stay still. It is very difficult when one is full of the thought that it will be great. It is not easy to overcome the lack of commitment by hand without having to stand up. Not that I now feel retired, but it seems to me that I have completed a cycle.

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