Wednesday , December 2 2020

Maru Botan's pain for her mother's death: "Facuwa waits for you"

Maru Botanah he devoted heart words to farewell Susana, his mother, who died after a severe illness.

It was from his account Instagram that the chef has written the moving publication with a video in honor of his mother.

"I never imagined this painful moment, and when I thought about it, sadness killed me. You were and will be my queen all my life, my friend, my companion, my counselor. You made me FREE, STRICTLY and INDEPENDENTLY. You loved life, family, example of mother and grandmother. I miss you so much, your daily conversations, your opinions, your love cheer! "Maru began.

She then referred to her mother's health problems: "This 2018 played a trick for us and I thought we would go out together, as always, so united with the same tastes and passions, My mother, how much life lived together! It's good to see you every day.

"My only comfort is the love we have given you; the love we give you together your family, your friends; and the confidence that Fakou expects you. Mom, I'll love you all my life and you'll always be with me", he later wrote in connection with her sixth child, who died on September 21, 2008, while traveling and taking care of her grandmother suffered a sudden death.

Finally, he thanked the Padres Echidjos program for the special dedication of his family and asked them to pray for Susannah:I just ask everyone that so much love gave me to pray for my mother to go to peace @ padreshijos thanks for the video so cute".

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