Thursday , June 17 2021

Massa insists: he toured the North and sang Arjuna with his former teammate in 2015

Sergio Massa travels to the province of Salta where he shares several activities with his inner adversary Juan Manuel Urtubay and he reunited with his former friend Gustavo Sasez, mayor of the province's capital, and today near Kambieimos.

On the way to the presidential election in 2019, Massa and Urtubai were in Molino, in the Calcakia valleys, and along with a long dinner in the governor's residence, along with Diego Bossio and Raul Perez by mass and Pablo Cosiner and the team from Salta, as well as Isabel Makedo, as local residents. In the background, while tasting high-quality champagne, you can hear a little Belita.

They say that in a relaxed atmosphere they talked about the February 4th act in Mar del Plata about the economic situation and they ensure that they "almost" have not spoken about PJ's interior or Christina Kirchner.

Massa, then followed his campaign at the top of the car, and so went around Saenz's local affairs and several localities in Salta. "You did not call me Plaza de Julio, what happened?" "The mayor was jokingly joking about the song that honors La Ladda's emblematic place.

"Because I have not loaded it yet," he apologized. And he remembered the "spend" he received for listening Ricardo Arion,

Sarah challenged him: "And what are you singing?"

Then Tigrene began singing "Lady of the Four Decades" with a controversial setting. They concluded between the two: "Your figure is no longer the 15th," they added, and continued to ask, "What's behind this abdominal fat that aerobics does not know how to remove …"

Then Masa followed Tucuman and on the day of music he chose "Rutas Argentinas" in honor of Flaco Spinetta. He passed by Tafí Viejo and stopped at Trancas with Bossio, a campaign coordinator who bet that only Carlos Menem would go to the city for a campaign. The mayor of the city, from where Lieutenant General Osvaldo Djaldo was born, replied that no presidential candidate had gone there.

In San Miguel de Tucuman, with 44 °, they ate the tumulan empamada and baked and put a lot of lemon, citrus fruits that their host, governor Juan Manzur, He specifically invited them.

They say that in a nice and long dinner they explore the same topics as Urtubei and that they also talked about Roberto Lavanja and his summer meetings.

For the next week, the candidate prepares a trip to Santiago del Estero. Will he sing?

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