Sunday , June 13 2021

Matilda Blanco is angry with a participant in "Cutting and Making": "Unpredictable"

(Video: "Cutting and Making" – El Trece)

It is known that Matilda Blanco is not characterized by the fact that she is trying to soften her critique of fashion when there is something that does not convince her and what happened on Friday afternoon in Cutting and sewing, the cycle of motion Andrea Politi through the El Tresse screen it was an example of that.

Well, criticism is lapidary in the evaluation of Melissa von Tesee's work, one of the participants. "I really want to apologize to the jurors, I tried it, but I do not imagine what he has shown," he said without twists.

But the young woman was silent and stood in front of Blanco's questions. "Better to keep what I have to say because … Matilda, you are disrespectfulThis is rather the role you are doing, people say terrible things for you. The truth is you have no decency not to respect people, "he reproached.

"I can not believe that he has presented what he has presented and believes can not be repaired., you can not tell him anything, "the head of the seminar insisted on her position.

– The money you carry is obvious! the participant started, unable to hide his annoyance.

– I am the head of the seminar, so please respect you"You are also competing here," said Matilda.

– Yes, I'm competing and what are you doing? You spend two minutes to see what we do, and you do not even advise us well", the player doubled the bet.

"I'm not talking to you anymore, I have no bosses, I'm the head of the seminar"Blank said.

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