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Mauriceio Macri told the businessmen how much he would win the vote for Christina – April 22, 2019

Maurizio Macri does not want to change his plans. I had already ratified it a few weeks ago, even after hearing sociologist Roberto Zapata, co-chair of Ecuador Jaime Duran Barba, This will cost more than expected Restore the trust of people. The chairman again explained clearly after a study by Isonomía, one of the government's favorite consultants, which allowed Christina Kirchner to cut 9 points in a possible vote.

Perhaps he warned that after the dissemination of this study appeared versions of what could be restored the possibility of "Plan V"what suggests his resignation from the attempt to reelect and the blessing of Buenos Aires governor Maria Evgenia Vidal; the head of state did not wait for the businessmen he had received at Casa Rosada to ask him, and although he said that "there is a great lack of choice," he not only ratified his candidacy but is confident he will win the contest: "I am convinced that I would win the elections, "he told them.

although do not talk quickly about Christina KirchnerAccording to the main heroes of the meeting, the president predicts that the vote will be "52 to 48".

The aim of the message is to try to convey peace in front of the polarized election scenario. It is that the president is aware, "Finance Minister Nicholas Dyunov told the press conference he gave this afternoon that" political uncertainty "has an impact on the economy.

Accompanied by Minister of Labor and Production, Dante Sica; Makri was confident that the tone of the meeting was hearty when he anticipated and thanked "the effort" made by the businessmen who gave up the voluntary price agreement. And promise profound "structural and tax" reforms in case of re-election.

The return she received was friendly. Even supermarkets, a sector that breakfasts on Monday with the publication in the Official Journal of a new law on commercial loyalty, which provides for heavier fines – up to 200 million pesos and 30-day closing – for those who do not. "Our goal is to help at this point," said Rami Batti, president of Carrefour Argentina. Agustín Beccar Varela from Walmart is also in the category; Joaquin Santa Coloma (Cencosud) and Federico Brown (La Anónima). "Do not talk about DNU," says Martin Cabrasles, Vice President of Café Cabrales and one of those who have spoken to the press outside Casa Rosada.

The general statement that the executive directors gave Macri was ahead: they expected to activate domestic consumption and eventually be able to control inflation. "Inflation is controlled by not issuing and reducing costs, and I think the government is in this setting," he said.

At a meeting with businessmen, Makry had arrived with the speeches after a cabinet meeting in which the question was argued at the table, which prompted his decision to declare the package of measures through a "home" videotape recorded during a visit. a neighbor of Colegiales. "I did more than 300 visits and thought it best to do it there," he told his ministers. And he recommended reading a note that Julian Gallo, a communications advisor to the Cabinet of Ministers, wrote last week at Infobae. In the text, the specialist supported the decision not to prepare a traditional act, stating, among other things, that "perhaps what people expect is presidents to behave as human beings who are and speak directly."

The president not only talks about communications and networks: he warned his ministers that he would travel to Santa Fe on Wednesday to support Cambayemos' candidate for the governor, the radical Jose Coral, before the election next Sunday.

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