Wednesday , June 7 2023

Mauricio Macri analyzed the elections with his cabinet and began discussing new economic measures


Mauricio Macri arrived at the first cabinet meeting he held after his disastrous election with all decisions taken, Several catharsis had already taken place last night in Costa Salghero, when several ministers made their resignation accessible and he was pleased that "don't beat the movie with this", expecting that he did not want to make changes to the cabinet because of the short time it would take until the October 27th general election.

Although it is not known what the measures would be or with what budget, they are offered as palliative for the urban middle class, this would lead to the victory of the front of all, clogged with rising rates and constant inflation.

Michelangelo himself Pickett thought this middle-class discontent would be the Gordian knot of defeat that was urgently unleashed, He even stated that a reduction in income tax could be a viable alternative.

After Macri, Vice-President Piketto, the security minister, spoke at a cabinet meeting. Patricia Bullrich, the Minister of Education, Alejandro Finociaro, the Minister of the Interior, Rogelio Frigerio, and the Chief of Staff, Marcos Penny,

Market volatility leaves no time for disruption or regret, the crisis is urgent and well worth every minute. However, if one expected Macri to undergo a transformation in ministerial logic, he again failed in his projections. "Marcos (Penya) is still the chief of staff and the computer"how could it be otherwise," he assured Infobae after the cabinet meeting.

Is it possible to face an election campaign with a winning team? Are there any conditions for overcoming the influence of the mood of the poll results? Can Macri generate the confidence he needs not only to overcome the crisis of mistrust that is weighing on Argentina today, but also to gain more electoral support than he did in the primaries?

These are some of the questions raised by cabinet members who, in dialogue with their own teams, seek to find the answer to a real electoral strike, in many cases the first one they received, as many are young people who only knew the victories of PRO first and Change later.

Whatever, Internal gaps in the accounts are only hinted at. Perhaps most clear is the absence of Horatio Rodriguez Lareta today, who made a great choice, but may not be enough to avoid a risky second round. In Casa Rosada, there was some cheerful comment on the matter, almost like enjoying the complication that the Buenos Aires mayor had.

Faced with such a complex scenario, several Heads of different departments called on their teams to withhold damage and withstand their injured teams. There were groups here and there who wanted to find an explanation for the fall.

All in all, they had difficulty understanding the less overwhelming result than the causes of the large social groups who tried to talk to them with their heart and answered them in their pockets.

Precisely to avoid repeating the same electoral effect in the October elections, this is Dujovne is preparing a set of economic measures targeting the middle class.

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