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Mauritius Makri sums up in one sentence the pain of Boca's defeat against the Madrid River – 12/10/2018

It is known that Maurizio Macri is a Boca fan. A special fan, not just the position he holds as president of the nation. Also about your past as a strong man from the La Ribera club. In fact, the Olympic rings and the winnings by Carlos Bianchi and Juan Roman Riquelm of Libertadores were the platform that allowed him to enter the political arena.

On Sunday, minutes after the River beat Boca 3-1 and was crowned America's champion at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, Macri showed that he was a good loser and congratulated Marcello Galardo's team through a series of tweets.

In a few hours, and resuming his presidency, Macri met with primary school students to remember a new anniversary of Raoul Alfonson's 1983 admission, marking the return of democracy after the dark years of the last military dictatorship.

In a complete turn, one of his boys said he would like to be a footballer, like Dario Benedetto, the striker who scored the only goal in Madrid. And Macri could not hide his feelings from what happened a few hours ago in Madrid.

"The truth is he did a great job, but he did not reach us, we are all beaten," the head of state said.

Boca's defeat in America's Superclásico was the last blow to Makri, who made a series of appropriate situations since the possibility of the River and Boca going into the final.

First, when both teams had to overcome the semi-finals, the president wished either of them to avoid a cross between the two giants in Argentina.

In an interview with the Rioja radio and after a shout from the shipment leader, Makri said, "I admit it: I'm nervous, the truth is, I prefer the Brazilian to win this final." It was three weeks for you to sleep, Macri admitted in connection with the possible a decisive crossing between the river and Boca for Libertadores.

He added: "Three weeks when we do not sleep is a lot, you know the pressure that will be this, the loser takes 20 years to recover, it's the final you play too much, I think it would be it's better to be a Brazilian at the finish and the one who touches it, but we have no such finale that we have stayed in the bed of fans of the River and Boca.

Macri's desire was not fulfilled, And no three weeks of tension. They were more. It was more than a month since it became known that there would be a super-classic finish, while America's champion was set between stagnation, barbarism, arguments, scandals, and claims.

The first controversy was Macri's exact order, so at both ends, at Bombbon and Monumental – no one imagined that the story would end in Madrid – there would be a visitor audience.

Early in the morning on November 1, after Boca defeated Palmeiras and qualified for the final, the head of state informed the presidential secretary-general Fernando de Andreas that he wanted to allow visitors to attend. for the most transcendental super-classic in the history of Argentinean football.

He also said that he had handed him over to the Minister of Security, Patricia Bearch, "In the case of an international cup that will be TV around the world, it would be a very bad postcard if the game does not have visitors," Macri said, his thoughts revealing a crack in Let's change.

His words found a quick denial by the Buenos Aires security ministry. "I do not see the Boca River with visitors," he said. Martin Ocampo, the owner of the wallet, who eventually resigned after failures in the return match operation, what could not be played in Monumental after the cruel attack on the bus that moved to Boca.

Not only did Okampo come to the crossroads of Makri's proposal. So much Rodolfo Onofrio as Daniel Angelci, a kid with a kid, said the idea of ​​a president was impossible to make.

A visit to a lab also left the president after a conversation with some workers was recorded on a cell phone. "This time we have to give, this culón de Gallardo …", said Macri, unable to conceal Boca's desire to raise the bowl.

The dialogue became viral in the networks, and Onofrio himself did not let him pass a shuckstery. "With all due respect to the president, I believe that the leaders have the duty and the duty at this moment not to make any queues or jokes or something like that," said the chief thugs of the river plaque.

Macri's latest disagreement with this Superclass, which ended in exile, was just thatu will prevent the match from being played in Madrid after the failure of Conmebol, who punished Ray the incidents caused by Matthias Firpo and other fans throwing rockets in the Boca microbe in Libertador and Monroe and injuring several players, including Pablo Peres and Gonzalo Lamardo, who were eventually assisted in a private clinic.

Although there are no public statements, the head of state expresses in his environment his disagreement with Conmebol's decision to play the Libertadores final in another country. It was too late – the decision had already been taken. The final was played at Bernabeu. And the rest is a story,

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