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Measles: 750,000 boys need to be vaccinated and campaign ends on Friday – 25.11.2018

The national vaccination campaign against measles and rubella for children aged 13 months to 4 years will end this Friday, 30 November.

The nation's health authorities have urged families to go to the nearest vaccination centers to obtain immunization for their children, which "This is a must and free of charge" for the population of this age group across the country.

During the campaign, which began on October 1 and This is done every four years To reduce the impact of measles and rubella, she received an additional dose of 2 054 779 boys by the last Wednesday.

The total amount to be administered to the target population, established at 2,817,000 doses, it is still necessary to vaccinate about 750,000 boys, with coverage of 73%, said Dici, the director of Crisis Biscayart.

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"It is very important that those who have not yet taken their children to vaccinate do so in those days that are lacking in order to achieve greater coverage," the official insists.

Measles is a feverish eruptive disease that can occur at all ages, although it is more severe in children under 5 years of age or malnourished, and can cause serious respiratory complications such as pneumonia; diseases of the central nervous system such as seizures, meningoencephalitis, blindness and late diseases with chronic complications.

According to the Pan-European Health Organization (PAHO) data from the beginning of the year to 23 October, 8 091 cases of measles, including 85 deaths, were reported in 11 countries in the region.

The list is headed by Venezuela (5,525 cases and 73 deaths), Brazil (2,192 cases and 12 deaths) and the United States (142 cases), while in Argentina, a total of 14 cases have been recorded so far in 2018.,

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