Sunday , May 16 2021

Mechanics of the Work: Marselo Biels's euphoric celebration for a great rehearsal at Leeds United

Marcello Bielska He is one of those coaches who leaves nothing to chance. The obsession of crazy is a trademark registered in their working methods and in the latest training of the Leeds United, Rosarin gave another sample of his personality when he noticed that the tests were running.

In one of the latest practices before the next commitment to Bristol City, corresponding to World Cup, from the second subdivision of England, rosewood celebrated its goal Patrick Bamford, one of the college students he leads.

After the striker's celebration, Biels has gone more than 50 meters to embrace the conqueror and congratulates the mechanics developed in the training. An image that is rarely seen, given that DT should not expose its euphoria.

on Leeds march third in the tournament and keeps on trying to achieve popularity First League, theirs 30 points they hold voices on crazy to the expectation of the pointer, Norwich, What amount 33 and escort, Middlesbrough, which accumulates 31,

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