Sunday , June 20 2021

Meet the new free video game that came to download Fortnite

This is Apex Legends, an online video game battle for grand prix survival style, like Fortnite, developed by Raspawn Entertainment for PC platforms, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Launching it surprise the gamer world as it was created in secret and without notice. In a few days they were downloaded by more than 25,000,000 users.

The game consists of 20 teams of three players that can fall anywhere on the map. Before you start a game, each user has the option to choose between eight "Legends" or "Heroes" who have different abilities. The creators of the game are the same ones that have given life to Titanfall and, in fact, Apex Legends are rising to the same fictional universe.

The 8 legends

The video game promises to take down Fortnite because after a startling start, in a few days it has received over 25 million downloads, while Epic Games took two weeks to reach 10,000,000.

Apex Legends will consist of a series of four seasons lasting three months, where there will be different challenges and innovations that will resume the gameplay. Its creators do not rule out the possibility for users of different consoles to play with each other, and that they can do it individually – lonely mode instead of playing as a team.

Gameplay of Striker Lolito Fdez

In turn, the items that can be bought in the game will not affect the experience of the game. In fact, they can be achieved as you move forward without having to spend money. This was explained by Raspawn designer Mackey McCandlish on AS's website: "We've integrated a lot of ethical form of monetization, we're giving away many cosmetics that you do not have to pay for. , even limited objects, but you can get every character just as you play. "

WillyRex Stream Gameplay Gameplay

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