Tuesday , May 11 2021

Melkskan: "Do not lie anymore to win"

The Economist Carlos Melken, always close to the president Mauriceio Macri but criticizing some of the government's government issues, considering "people need to tell him the truth" and "no more victory."

"People must reward the one who tells the truth not to lie to win"he said in A24 channel statements. And he remembered: "At one point, they pushed me out of the campaign because they told me" you tell the truth. "

"This is part of society's responsibility to insist that they no longer lie, say what things are, the day we become more, what we want to tell the truth will change, He started.

Without giving names, he also criticized the leaders' communication gurus: "You have to tell the truth, because it brings you back to control, what is the story that you have something epic? The day that reality crushes you, what do you say "You have nothing to say," he advised President Macri to avoid diagnosing "worst-off".

The BNA adviser, called to "stop screaming" because "extremists can no longer participate, they are useless." Additional, ratified its support for Makri in search of re-election,

"I have never separated from the President, I have been with him, and the things we are talking about are among us," he said. And he concluded, "In this context, the re-election of Makri would have been in force, and the greatest advantage is that there is nothing in front of him or there is a big bad wolf."

• Economics and FMI

With regard to the economic present, Melkonn said this "Argentina is still in hospital and it will be so, we are in transition, there is no program".

"The complication has reached such a level that the only place where money is in the world is the Fund, and that is how the menu came, which should be the one from 1944 when the Fund was created and it is difficult", he argues. He added: – It's not even a recipe, it's not subtle, very rude, they come to burn the fire.

In this sense, the economist expressed the opinion that "I would make a rediscovery with the Fund to see if I will gain independence, not kick the board, revise everything you want, but the engagement has to be fulfilled."

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