Thursday , January 21 2021

Melkskan: The country has no populist capital to come and blow it again

Speaking to Radio Mir, the former employee at Kambieimos said Argentina was stalled ten years ago, stressing that "The country has no capital for the populist to come and destroy it again."

"Populism, in order to become a successful populism, must have a period of accumulation, which today is not in Argentina, because it is decapitalized, and the upcoming populism must not be spread," he said.

The economic failure does not include that it does not reach people, but that the country is not capitalized in order for the populist to appear and explode again.

In this sense, he added that "if you want to allocate subsidies, you need to have energy, if you want to distribute subsidies, you have to have transportation, if you want to eliminate the field, you have to be competitive."

In another line, Melkwane explains why the economy has suffered a crisis of almost 100% devaluation of pesos until 2018 and stressed that "expectations exceeded underestimation of the hefty heritage even in the best scenario."

Populism, in order to be transformed into successful populisms, must first have a period of accumulation, which Argentina does not have today, because it is decapitalized. Future populism must not be spread "(Carlos Melkun)

"Argentina is a country that is usually responsible for promoting rights, high expectations in society, and I hope this will change that." It is never said how to finance this high level of expectation, there is a constant clash between how to get sell those expectations and what is possible on the basis that if you do not sell as expected, they do not vote for you, "he explained.

And he concluded by saying that "you have to be careful with how you will sell people's expectations now, and we have a great opportunity to tell people what is the starting point on December 10, 2019, and tell them what's possible. how this opportunity can come and on what path. "

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