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Mercado Libre "flies" to Wall Street: already has a market value similar to Twitter, higher than Spotify and is very close to the giant of eBay

Mercado Libre had another week on the stock market to celebrate. While today's price of Wall Street has closed, it has risen by 6% between Monday and Friday and peaked at 10%. Not only that: so far this year it has risen to almost 100% and is in the order of USD 580 per unit.

Thus the market value of the company "flies" and amounts to 28,360 million dollars. In February it is $ 20,000, which is 43% less.

"Yours market capitalization Today it is similar to Twitter, taller than Spotify and Snapchat, and is pretty close to the giant eBay. It is only comparative and we know how unstable the actions can be, but the company Marcos Galperin is in a state of grace, he said. Ariel Singer, Head of the equity strategy by Bind Investments.FREEDOM OF THE FREE MARKET May 2018 (3)According to Ycharts data from today's close, Twitter adds a market capitalization from $ 28,730 million; Spotify, $ 24,000 million and eBay, $ 32,240 million. "It looks crazy, in a good way, what is going on with Melly (the abbreviation of the company listed in the Nasdaq). And this is much more "crazy", which is close to the value of eBay, which was a shareholder of Mercado Libre.analyzer details.

eBay, in addition to the company that inspired Galperin 20 years ago to make its regional market, came to hold 20% of Argentina's shares and tried several times to buy it. They never agreed to the price. Today, it costs "barely" 4,000 million dollars less.

About Sbdar, some of the reasons they explain impulse of the companyHe found "very grip" after the second edition of a few months ago for $ 2 million,

"There were many important players coming in and they were responsible for putting the action into fashion. This is a rarity in a context like Brazil, the company's main market. But this is a separate title from the region, largely due to its good balance and the grand performance of Mercado Pago, a major part of the company to advance this way, "said the analyst.

Sbdar refers to the March announcement when Mercado Libre reported that he had added an investment of $ 750 million as part of a larger $ 2 million, which he made on the stock exchange and which also included another 100 million dollars from the Dragoneer venture capital fund.

According to the first-quarter balance sheet, the company earned 473.8 million US dollars, up 47.6 percent from the same period in 2018, while during this period it had an operating profit of 237 million dollars. Meanwhile, Mercado Pago had a volume of transactions that reached $ 5,600 million between January and March, 35% more than 12 months ago.

"MercadoPago as a digital payment platform (as Latin America is one of the regions with the highest level of market penetration and little bancarization) maintains its attractiveness at MELI in the medium and long term due to its leadership position, in addition to the growth forecasts in Brazil. (its main market) and Bolsonaro's ability to promote tax reform with tax cuts for companies that would prefer MELI, "said Research for Traders.

"When payments are electronic, you can see where the money goes. This is fantastic. Many people withdraw money, pay in cash and the government does not know whether it is paid with an invoice or not. If it is electronic, the entire payment chain becomes transparent, "Infobae Oswaldo Gimenes, vice president of Mercado Pago, told Infobae.

Moreover, on accusations of concealment – Grabois confirms that the company is badly modeled in the Software Promotion Act – Giménez says that "our tax position is flawless. The worst place to avoid is Mercado Libre, we are a very important partner for them. On a digital platform, traceable, everything is registered. We share information with AFIP to sellers who perform a certain amount of transactions or high amounts. "

Galperin barely notices the contradictions. Only at the beginning, before the initial twat of Ghraba, he replied with a laconic: "Too bad it's tragic, it has to be just comic"After a little networking socila: Greeting part of his team, popularizing the Endeavor event and saying that the cost of his company's action appears briefly in the last chapter of the series Billions,

On the screen, while Bobby Axelrod was interviewed on TV, the small arrow, which describes the trend of the action, looked green and rose up. Perhaps Galperin, who swears that he did not follow the day of the price of his papers, smiled.

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