Wednesday , December 2 2020

Mercado Libre includes electrical mobility in its envos

The company has reached an agreement with Andrea, which will have one of its 100% electric cars for Mercado Libre's exclusive shipments. In this first phase, the fleet of electric cars will be one unit in Argentina and seven in Brazil.

As one of the strategies for developing a sustainable business, Mercado Libre together with Andréans are gathering to be able to use the first 100% electric vehicle in e-commerce.

With this inclusion, Mercado Libre is becoming the first e-commerce in Latin America, betting on a fleet of electric cars that at this first stage include one in Argentina and seven in Brazil.

It is one of the two 100% electric cars, the Renault Kangoo ZE, which is switched from Andrea in May and which has a range of 200 km and is charged by "Wallbox" of 7 kWh (6 hours to complete). The aid is aimed at distributing orders without noise or emissions, which is even more valuable when carried out in densely populated and congested transit areas.

"This is an important first step for Mercado Libre as we find that the biggest impact of e-commerce is in the distribution and logistics chain, which is why our strategy is to work with our logistics partners for mobility innovations and sustainable packaging, Guadalupe Marin, Mercado Libre Sustainability Manager, said: "In addition to the inclusion of electrical equipment in Argentina and Brazil, we have implemented sustainable architecture and recycling in our operations and started the first bio-components would our shipments this year.

In turn, Veronica Zappa, communications and sustainability manager of Andrea, commented: "Safe and sustainable mobility is one of the main pillars of our sustainability strategy." 100% electric cars are part of a series of innovations and application of technologies targeted at everyone stage of our transport process: for long, medium distances, urban distribution or last mile, we implement solutions that enable us to achieve high road safety standards and make a significant contribution to reducing emissions. "He concluded," We take the challenge of moving forward and influencing the future by sustaining the commitment to sustainable logistics management, which is the basis of all our solutions. "

The Mercado Libre initiative is complemented by the launch of a new compostable package. This is a pilot test to be held in December in Argentina and Brazil, where the company will assess the way this new packaging impacts on its operations and will work with various local bio-certification experts to validate the process.

All of these actions are part of Mercado Libre's commitment to reduce the environmental impact of its operations by working on various initiatives along with the whole value chain, community and entrepreneurs that generate positive socio-environmental impacts.

For its part, some of the main initiatives of the Andréans Safety and Sustainable Mobility Program include the above mentioned use of 100% electric vehicles, the use of Urban Distribution Electric (CEDU) for pedestrians and the inclusion of complete semi-trailers with equipment for guarding and optimizing warehouses, and therefore less emissions for each transported load.

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