Sunday , June 20 2021

¿Messaza? See the guest list of Mirta Legrad for this weekend!

She does not rest and is one of the Argentinian figures with more experience in television. That's what it is all about Mirta Legrand, the star will double the stake this weekend and will try to monopolize the whole audience and keep the rankings on the small screen. His two suggestions: "La Noche de Mirtha" and "lunch with Mirta Legrad", will be the stronghold of one of the most important channels in the country.

His first performance will be tonight at 21.30 and will be broadcast from Mar del Plata at Hotel Costa Galana. The bet will be strong, as the wild will not compete for the moment. 2018 was a tough year for Mirta, because he had to fight more than he had to try to lead the audience, although he almost always lost Andy Kuznetsow On this occasion, Chiqui will have at his table: Luis Barrioine, Laura Di Marco, Ezequiel Lo Kane, the Venezuelan journalist Sofia Nunez and Dr. Daniel Lopez Rosetti.

On the other hand, his second appearance will be on Sunday, January 27 at 3 pm with his classic "Lunch with Mirta Legrand", the cycle will have figures that stand out in the world of entertainment last week, in this case will be: Jose Luis Espert, Nazarene Veles, El Turco Garcia, Valeria Archimo, Diego Perez and Fabian Medina Flores.

It should be remembered that the Argentine diva enjoys a slight rest in the fight for the ranking because there is no strong competition, a situation that puts it as the main candidate to take first place from the most popular weekend programs. Nevertheless, Mirta always tries to have the most needed figures in his table to put them on his spicy questions.

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