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Messi is compared to LeBron James "This is the number …

For me, Lionel Messi is number one, like LeBron James in basketball. LeBron is the image of the NBA, and Messi is the image of football because it has something different from the others we can see only every thirty or more years, confirmed the last signing of Barcelona, ​​Frenchman Antoine Grossmanwho gave a media interview to the club in which he praised the brownie star he described as the best in the world.

The French striker, the protagonist of one of the longest novels of the passing market, He not only paid tribute to the Argentine captain, but also the Culé team's style, because, he said, "all teams are different from Barcelona at the level of the game."

also, Griezmann appreciated his step from Athletic Madrid. – I am happy that I learned from Ciolo Simeon, thanks to him I had a very high levelThere is no rest in Aleti. This is very physical football and works very well tactically. No one can take off his hands, " stressed the Frenchman, who plays five seasons under the leadership of Argentina.

By the end of the interview, The World Champion with France at the World Championship in Russia said: "I'm ready." I really want to wear Barcelona's shirt, step on the lawn of Camp Nou and enjoy my new hobby. I think they already know me, I am a man who leaves everything in the field and we are sure to be happy together. This is a pride and a goal"he said, concluding:" So far I have watched the games, I noticed how they did it, and then applied it to the field training. Now I have them live and I hope we have an important connection in the games. "

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