Wednesday , January 20 2021

Metro Exodus leaves Steam and will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store

Shop War on the Horizon. The invasion of Epic Games Shop has included a new participant in the digital platform business. The bet from the creators of Fortnite and Unreal Engine is very strong. If it was announced a few weeks ago that Division 2 would arrive at Epic, it is now revealed that the platform will receive Metro Exit extremely to the detriment of the Steam version, which can not be purchased tomorrow.

Annoyed by Steam

Those who have already kept their copy on this platform should not worry. In a statement released by Valve, they state that "the studio and editor ensured that all prior Steam reservations have been respected so that customers have access to the game and all future content through Steam."

In this statement, the North American company reported that Metro Exodus will be discontinued on its platform "due to the publisher's decision that the game is exclusive to another PC store." Steam's words harden then, as they advocate that this decision is "unfair to Steam users, especially after a long-term campaign." Valve apologizes and says he has not heard of the move so far, so there was "limited time" to announce it.

For its part, the CEO of Epic Games,Tim Sweeney, He was excited: "The Metro Exodus is fantastic and deserves to be one of the most anticipated games in 2019." According to the executive, Deep Silver's agreement to launch Metro Exodus has grown at the height of "Epic's commitment to offer 88%" of the profits for any direct sale that "allows creators to reinvest money building up great games and improving the economy of gaming shops. "

Metro Exodus will be released on PS4 and Xbox One February 15th

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