Monday , June 21 2021

Mica Vázquez became angry at Ivan de Pineda in Pasalpalabra and issued a warning: "No, I do not apologize"

That was not the debut of Mikaela Vasquez in Pasapalabra. But this is the first time the actress expresses her anger with accent Ivan de Pinedato such a point that another guest said, "This is the first time in history that one guest is going and leaving."

The anger of mica is subject to the resolution of Pasassalabra's musical path. Although the actress knew the song could never sing her, she played much less. It is there Dahlia GutmanWith his involuntary help he managed to solve the mystery.

Ivan told him the question was about the comic and Vazquez requested for industrial intervention to unequivocally unleash his claim to De Pineda.

"Excuse me, Mika, you'll get revenge," Passavalabra's driver said. – No, I do not apologize"That means we'll talk outside of this program," was the actress's strong reaction.

Ivan tried to put a cold cloth on the situation, but Mika did not surrender: "Do not talk to me, do not smile, nothing." He added: tI will ask the production if I can come back tomorrow, to see if you will rethink at night.

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