Friday , June 18 2021

Mica Viciconte, uncomfortable before comment by Favio Posca for Mirtha Legrand's show: "Unnecessary"

Little Viciconte working on the job New together in Mar del Plata, the city that saw it. From there, too, as every summer, Mirta Legrad's program is being transmitted,

The wild invites the former participant Bailando to participate in his Sunday lunch and, along with many other topics, he wanted to know his past as a savior and asked if he had ever rescued someone who had drowned. She responded affirmatively and told of the occasion when she was resting on a beach in Peru during a vacation, and after hearing the cry for help, he helped him,

Laughing, Mirta asked her if she accidentally pretended to want to help her save her. "Living is always done … It happened to me once in the breakwater that they started throwing stones. We told them to stop pulling and then tossed, in the interest of the case. We introduce the same to keep them "he remembered.

At this time, Favio Posca, also invited to Mirta's program, commented:What better than being saved by such a beautiful girl, is not it? This is a double merit, huh?,

The Bride's Reaction Fabián Cubero This was not the expectation of a comic. Apparently uncomfortablehe just said:Unnecessary, unnecessary "Quick Reflex, Mirta changed the subject and the conversation continued.

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