Friday , November 27 2020

Mika Vikoconte is accused of having been involved in a road traffic accident

The participant in "Dancing for a Dream 2018" faced a man who was on a motorcycle this afternoon in the Chacarita area. it was undamaged while the young man suffered a wound in his ankle Credit: Instagram

Mikaela Vikonine

There was an accident in the area of ​​Chacharita this afternoon when the car she was traveling in had collided with a motorcycle; it was undamaged, while the man who controls the other suffered ankle injury.

The participant in "Dancing for a Dream 2018" stepped out of an essay at the La Corte studio when the collision took place. An ambulance arrived at the place where she was present at the rider at the time she was transferred to the police station of the area to issue a conditional sentence.

Viciconte was also subjected to routine toxicological tests and the car was insulated to perform the appropriate tests. Fabian Kubero, her partner, has stayed with her since she knew about the crash.

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