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"Mini-Prison" at Marcos Pass: the secret place where Kirchers' former accountant was before being released

During the last two weeks of the arrest, Victor Manzanares stayed in a special place: a three-room house located in Marcos Pass prison. The location has been specially refurbished to accommodate some members of the Witness and Associate program. It has bars, chambers, a kitchen and even a patio where you can go for a walk without being in contact with other prisoners.Despite the comforts, this is not a VIP place. "Mini-Prison" is a bunker with three security rings. Mansanares was alone, surrounded by members of Los Lobos, an elite group dedicated to the care of the members of the program.

Mansanares regretted in February and is going through a long trial until he is admitted as a fellow-assistant. In his court statements, and then in the media, he told him how he had used the money for Daniel Munoz and the details of the baggage movement. He also revealed that the expertise in the case of Kirchners' illegal enrichment would have been armed.

In recent weeks, Kirchner's former accountant He sent public messages to gain benefits after his discoveries. He even threatened to give up the program, which is in charge of the Ministry of Justice. But he has always been careful not to complicate the situation of the former president. That is why, in Comodo Route, they very much suspect their words, "He became a millionaire with all this, he regrets nothing," – said a researcher who had it face to face.

Two weeks ago, Manzanares left the cell where he had been in the last few months in the Palermo area. In this place, I could not go out into the yard and suffered a jail. The transfer to Marcos Pass prison is done secretly and kept in reserve.

Retention conditions have improved, confirmed by his defense. "Ait will be better ", ironically last night, his lawyer Roberto Erero.

The place that was specially prepared for Mansanares was empty, but those responsible for the witness and contributor's agenda are now analyzing who will occupy these three places. "We need to analyze profiles, not to live with ex-employees with drug traffickers", a formal official source.

Though he threatened to quit the program, Kirchner's former accountant is still inside him. It was therefore decided not to return to their home but in a "special" place to protect their safety.

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