Sunday , January 24 2021

Mirta Llegran talked about the tax they gave her to the Dancer

The driver, transparent and faithful to his style, was honest with the participant and told the truth behind the versions that showed anger.

Mary Del Serro was one of the guests at the table Mirta Legrand after the tribute they made to him in the Beandan with Facu Masseuse.

The proposal they presented was not in favor of the jury, which, with the low score, left them in the verdict and was on the mercy of the voices of the public.

Now, who was talking, was La Chickie, and as an honorary man, he decided whether he would raise or lower his thumb on what they presented to ShowMatch.

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"I want to tell you publicly that Mary loved me. Maybe he lacks something luxurious, with splendor, but it is very difficult to do what you did … Dancing the life of a cinematographic, television figure, "Diva warned.

Maybe there is something luxury, splendid, but it's very difficult what you did …

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"People said they were expecting something more luxurious, with slaves that were more rimbonbante, more glamorous," the driver added.

The participant said the final result and the return of the jury were part of the show: "We were happy with what we did."

"I was surprised, restless, but I liked it, he had nostalgia," La Chiqui concluded.

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