Wednesday , January 27 2021

MLS will have a historic finish: Atlanta United vs Portland Tembes, with the presence of 23 Latin Americans

Atlanta United and Portland Timber will be seen by the scepter of American football with two South American technicians. Will be for the first time the MLS Cup will include 23 Latin American players among the finalists. From 20 (22 hours from Argentina), in Mercedes Benz Stadium.

"In the eyes of South America, the league is becoming more and more credible, and more and more people are watching the MLS as a destination, while the top priorities are others," he said. Venezuela's Trees, Giovanni Savarez, showing in the same order as the Argentinean Ezekiel Barco. "People think it is a league that does not exist, which is for retirees or say it is a league that is growing, I am very happy here," he trusts Infobae,

Atlanta you will have in your bank Gerardo Martino, guru from the voter of Georgia who has made a franchise to fight for the title in the second year of its founding and who will eight players from the southern region of the continent.

Among them Dad will be formed with the Venezuelans Joseph Martinez, who was selected as the most valuable player in the championship, defeating the regular season record 31 calls in 34 presentations.

The Paraguayan will be on his side Miguel Almiron, which may have European destiny. on arsenal England is interested in the previous one Lanus,

Martino took over the reins of Atlanta just two years ago to run a franchise in his first footsteps at MLS. The owner, Arthur Blank, gave him the keys to the franchise, and Barcelona's former coach met the expectations.

He filled his team with South American differentiated talents – especially young people – gave his formation an offensive personality and was key to communicating between the club and the fans.

The presence of Argentineans Franco is among the staff Escobar, Leandro Gonzales Pires, Ezequiel boat, Eric Remedi and Hector Villalba, the Venezuelans Jose Hernandez and Joseph Martinez and the Paraguayan Miguel Almiron.

"They have built something wonderful in the city, with the stadium, fans … I think they are an example and we have done it only for two years, we have to give recognition to everyone who has made it possible in this organization," Savarese said. opponent.

But two years later when Atlanta entered the playoffs in its first season and in the final in the second, Tata would say goodbye to American football, probably starting another adventure before the national team. After his experience in Paraguay and Argentina, everyone puts it at the head of Mexico.

Portland's Venezuelan coach meanwhile has completed much of his career as a player USA and she passed like coach in New York CosmosHere he fulfilled the American dream: he played as a footballer, won titles in Big apple as a coach and, just a few months ago, he took on The Timbers, taking it Oregon until the end of his first attempt.

– You have to go back to the beginning of MLS, the significance of the South Americans for the importance of the league. His competitiveness, his talent … I think that's good for this tournament, "he added. Savarese.

on Timbers, who already know what it is like to win the MLS Cup (they won it in 2015), meanwhile they also have a great presence of the Latin Americans in their team: Costa Rica Roy a millerJulio Cascante and David Guzman, the Argentinians Diego ValerieSebastian white, Thomas Conechny and Lucas melanomas, Salvador Andres flowers, Colombian Diego Chara, Dairon Asprilla and Victor grove, Paraguayan Christian Paredes and Peruvian Andy pole,

In dialogue with InfobaeValerie, a pseudonym for the Teacher from the fans – the tree army, revealed the secret of the team: "The key is unity, the concept of what we want as a teamThe idea is to be a short team when the ball is aggressive. And when it does not exist, within that it is "short", reduce the pitch and make good pressure. "And added:" Also the concept of company and respect outside the field. I think this is the greatest power. "

More than 70,000 viewers in the modern and futuristic stadium 20 (22 hours from Argentina), Atlanta will come out to offer and dominate the game by owning the ball until Portland will embrace his role as Cinderella, waiting to come out on the counter with quality men's pots of quality Lanus Diego Valeri and Sebastian Blanco (They scored 34 goals from 63 teams).

While Atlanta he is the favorite of his tournament in the championship to play at home and for having two of the most decisive players in the league, Timbers (5) have become strong far from their state during the Playoff, systematically leaving the teams better positioned by them Dallas (4) Seattle (2) and Kansas town (1) at the end of Western Conference.

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