Monday , January 18 2021

Mónica Gutiérrez, on network criticism: "I made a mistake, I apologize"

The journalist in La noche de Mirtha Credit: Twitter @MirthaLegrand

In recent days, driver Mónica Gutiérrez has been at the center of controversy over the person charged with sexual abuse
Rodrigo Eguilor
after qualifying him as an "influence" during a TV interview. His comments turned him into criticism in networks, so he decided to apologize publicly. "I made a mistake, I apologize," he said.

On my way through the program
In the night of Mirta, Gutierrez said that "it's not lucky" and stressed: "I used it ironically." He also said: "Before you get to the mass media, he [Rodrigo Eguillor] he was in the networks and made publications that are true
sum of expressions per game. An evil influence fell on him. "

According to journalist Eguillor, he appeared in America without being summoned. "He spontaneously climbed the canal, had not invited him, found him there and had a pity." The word "influence" for me is not irritating, one can affect the networks with the worst, "Gutierrez says and" It's a mistake to use the word of influence, I ask for forgiveness, and what I say is that in the note talks about the reasons for it. "

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