Wednesday , January 27 2021

Mother's drama: "I never imagined that the kiss could kill my baby" – International

"Never in my worst nightmares I imagined that a kiss may kill my baby and I do not want other parents to go through it," says Briton Kelly Ineson for the death of his young daughter, Kiara Kemmings, due to herpes neonatal.

The happiness that led to Chiara's arrival in the Cummins family at the end of July disappeared only a few days later when the health of the little girl worsened until she died.

According to the Daily Mail, Kiara was only ten days when Kelly and her fiancé, Thomas Cammons, took her to the hospital because her weight had dropped dramatically.

That was the beginning of the tragedy for this British family living in Deusbury.

Doctors who treat the child have failed to diagnose an infection for several days. At that time the girl's kidney stopped working, and then sepsis occurred and she had to be caused by a coma.

The Chiara family realized how their condition was getting worse day after day. When the child's mother saw a group of doctors around her and connected her with machines, she knew the baby would not survive.

Eventually the diagnosis of neonatal herpes arrived, but at this point they told Chiara's parents that there was nothing to do, and the young man died.

Although the little girl was put in a coma, even if she survived, she would have severe brain damage.

Inneson and her bride had to make a decision to interrupt her daughter from the devices that kept her alive.

In the United Kingdom, neonatal herpes affects 1,65 babies per hundred thousand births. This is due to the common herpes virus, which is highly contagious and causes ulcers and wounds in adults.

In infants, the virus is lethal because the immune system is not fully developed.

After Chiara's death, doctors told their family that the baby had most likely delivered the virus by kissing.

Therefore, Ineson calls on all parents to take care of their babies with regard to the people who kiss them.

"We have always been very careful not to leave someone who looked bad or did not wash his hands near her," Inneson said.

Many people do not even know they have the virus because only one in three people have symptoms.

Chiara's mother desperately tries to find explanations for what happened. Remember the day when Chiara died as the worst of his life.

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