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"My goal is to prepare, not to be sweet," China Suarez, strong after criticism of changing its appearance

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8 December 2018

The actress shares an image of her Instagram account showing how she will look in her role as Rachel, the hero she will play in the fiction that Polka is preparing for 2019.

As is well known, social networks are resisting any criticism. Even against the most beautiful and charismatic figures of Argentine television.

And this time it was in his turn Evgenia "La China" SuarezThe young actress uses her account at Instagram to share with her followers her bright change of appearance to play Rachel, the hero he will play in the fiction that Paul-ka prepares for 2019.

"Polish released from Palermo", writes Benjamin Vicuña's wife to an image of the whole body where you can see the change in her face. He also uploaded a video to show the obvious change.

After receiving numerous comments, both for and against, the actress decided to answer after saying: "Everything always looks good for her, but the eyebrows do not touch even less when you have it naturally."

"Guys, I'm an actress, my job is to adapt and put the body and soul of the heroes, my goal is to prepare, not to be cute" were the words chosen by the artist to stop the barrage of the comments.

It is worth remembering that the actress will play Rachel, a naive young Polish woman who will be in a traffic network when she arrived in Argentina in the 1930s, which forced her to change.

China will not share a poster any more or nothing less than with your partner, Benjamin Vicuña, who, unlike expected, will not be his romantic interest in the strip and with Gonzalo Heredia.

Fantasy, which still has no name, will start recording in January at Baires Studios, of Don Torquato, where the products of the company headed by Adrian Suare are currently being carried out.

The strip scenarios are responsible for Leandro Calderon and Carolina Agir (the same couple working in Pretty, Signs and I want to live on your behalf) and the direction in the hands of Sebastián Pivotto and Martín Sabán. Harvest band betting is a great challenge for the manufacturer: they are still looking for places and the necessary costumes to adjust.

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