Monday , January 25 2021

Mysterious females in Loma Hermosa: the corpse of a woman thrown into the street

Today in the morning, of Police Department No. 11 of Tres de Febrero the Buenos Aires police found themselves in a terrible scene on the street First Board to 9,000 in Loma Hermosa, a few blocks from the Bocalandro Hospital: the corpse of the woman, dressed in purple shoes and a black boot, with neck injury compatible with strangulation, which is next to meters from a hardware store.

Call warned 911 at 7:30 this morning that body I'd be thrown out of a car. The identity of the victim is still this is unknown. The sources of the investigation ensure that the experts work on the spot and that the body has already been set up to be practiced autopsyThe arrival of the technicians is expected relieving security cameras In the area.

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