Monday , September 26 2022

Nadur: "There are three candidates to lead the hurricane"


Antonio Mohamed left his post after a very poor campaign that left Huraqan from the current Copa Libertadores, far from the top of the Super League and ranked the next South American only by the Tigre's downhill. Now is the time to find a substitute.

Alejandro Nadur, president of Globo, has admitted that tomorrow he will begin negotiations to appoint a new coach. "There are three names and three will come out," he said at an impromptu press conference. "The most important thing is to get a technique that needs a hurricane, and we'll get it. He has to be a technician who suits the players we have, "he added.

In addition, although he failed to give names and did not want to comment Miguel Angel Rousso or Ricardo Zilinski, the two DTs with more chances in the race to take the quemero bank, he made it clear that Néstor Apuzzo will be just a trainee and that Frank Dario Koudelka has no chances. "Do not close"– said the president.

As he re-consulted Diego Maradona, Nadur smiled, realizing that this was an opportunity that seduced her, but not for that moment. – Diego would like him and I would like to have him as a player. But I think conditions are not in place to be in Hurrayan today, managing the coaching staff. I hope someday to behe concluded.

Finally, the leader admits some blame for failing to support the club on the way Gustavo Alpharo directed them to his departure for Boca. "Responsibility belongs to everyone, most importantly: first managers, later the coaching team, and then the players," Nadur said. And for this sudden change, which made him go from third to tenth in the Super League in just three months, he replied: "The hurricane is the institution to which these things happen, we quickly rebuild, we have no doubts",

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