Thursday , June 17 2021

NASA confirmed the death of the Opportunity probe after a 15-year study of Mars

NASA gave Opportunity, the space probe that studies Mars for 15 years as "dead". The announcement came as a result of the loss of communication with the robot on June 10, when the dust storm completely covered the solar panels.

Through an emotional message posted on his Twitter account, the organization farewell to the quote: "For the robot who completed 90 days of 15 years of research: you were, you are, and you will be" an opportunity "for a lifetime, rest in peace, your mission is completed",

As NASA writes, the Opprtunity is designed to travel at a distance of 1006 meters and remain in service for 90 days. However, the probe has been working on Martian soil for 15 years, traveling at 45.16 kilometers.

Weighing 185 kilograms and a value of $ 400 million, Rover made a great contribution to knowing the red planet. One of the most important is the confirmation that in the past it was covered with water and that it was inhabitable.

On June 10, 2018, the US agency lost contact with the robot in the midst of a global dust storm on Mars. At the same time, the panels of the artifact were completely covered with waste. This fact, added to the darkening of the atmosphere, has reduced the supply of solar energy needed to maintain their systems.

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