Sunday , June 20 2021

NASA Mars rover Opportunity wins heartbreaking inscriptions: "Listen"


Opportunity broke this mosaic in 2014 after the winds cleaned dust from their solar panels.

NASA / JPL-Caltech / Cornell Univ./Arizona State Univ.

NASA has tried. The space agency spent months trying to connect with the Mars Opportunity Marsh, as it was silent in June 2018 under the gravity of the epic, sunburning dust storm on Mars.

Even before scientists and fans of space NYSA's last word on Oppy on WednesdayThey gathered to complain about the brave rover online.

Mars Style StylistI shared the sweet homage in a language the machine would understand by translating the "Divine Oppy" into units and zeros.

NASA's software engineer Kevin Jill shared a close look at the Opportunity track that remained on Mars. "He has left his traces, and though the winds can erase them, memory and science will live forever," he writes.

Graphic designer Dan Mason applies Dylan Tomas's poem "Do not Take Care of This Good Night" to Opportunity, but also reminded us that the original 90-day mission ended nearly 15 years.

Actor George Takayi, known to play Sulu on Star Trek, shared the hope that one day he could step on Mars and restore the fearless rover.

Artist Abby Garrett created an illustration to remind us that Oppi and his brother-Spirit Spirit will be waiting for us to visit them.

The XKCD comic for Opportunity connects the remote adventures of Rover with human love to share new discoveries.

The emotions that pop up around Oppy have surprised some people. "I never imagined sitting in front of my computer crying for the last message from a robot on Mars, but here he sits wiping tears," says writer Jocelyn Rish.

Twitter talks about this Opportunity 's latest release consisted mainly of "My battery is low and dark." The writer Louis Pateman decided to answer by spending the rest of the day watching Wall-E and lamenting.

Planetary scientist and Mars Tanya Harrison's specialist spent Tuesday night at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory when NASA tried to send a few last commands to Rover. "There was silence. There were tears. There were hugs. Memories were shared and laughing, she said.

These stands show how the people involved can become with our robotic researchers. We identify with their courage, tribulations, triumphs and, ultimately, their death.

It is difficult to assume that we have to close the window that Oppy opens on Mars, but our universe is wider and more wild thanks to the beautiful life of the Rover.

NASA is 60 years old: The space agency has taken humanity away from each other and has plans to go further.

Take it to extremes: Mix mad situations – erupting volcanoes, nuclear crashes, 30-foot waves – with everyday technologies. Here's what's happening.

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