Sunday , June 13 2021

NASA will make a last attempt to contact Mars Opportunity Rover

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Washington (AFP)

The US space agency NASA will make the last attempt to contact Mark Mark late Tuesday, eight months after the last contact.

The agency also said it will hold a briefing on Wednesday, during which it will likely officially announce the end of the mission.

An opportunity to land on Mars in 2004 and covered 28 miles (45 kilometers) on the planet, providing its place in history after a long over 90-day mission.

But last year, a huge storm of dust blocked sunlight from Mars, which prevents Opportunity's powered solar batteries from being recharged.

Despite the efforts of NASA engineers to get a radio channel response, his last message was June 10, 2018.

In August, NASA launched a protest after setting a 45-day deadline before declaring Oppy dead. In October, it extended the deadline to January to reassess the situation.

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