Thursday , July 29 2021

Nati Natasha carried her belt with a tulle skirt and made everyone mad

Natasi Natasha He surprised everyone with the extravagant look that he introduced to the Billboard Music Awards.

The Dominican singer surprised everyone with the extravagant look he used to present at the previous Billboard Music Awards.

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Natasi Natasha is one of the singers of the moment. Regent artist, latin pop and bachata, his songs are enjoyed all over the world. Even now that at the end of 2018 his world tour ended.

The singer is very much on social networks and with a "fanba" of over 13 million followers, they often share their daily experiences.

Look at the pictures!

With very sexy, blue and yellow flowers and a surprising tail of tulle Nathy Natasha was brilliant. With some studs, the ensemble appeared completely.

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