Netflix is ​​now known for its special commitment to introducing videogames, comics and literature into its television series. The witch, with Henry Cavill headed as the wizard, is his last bet, but it does not seem to be the only series we see coming directly from a video game (though The Witcher is strictly from literature). And is that, according to some rumors, the company is preparing a series based on the universe of Resident Evil, now it's all about releasing the Resident Evil 2 remake.

In this sense, it appears that the production of the series will be taken over by the production team of the film based franchise based on the game universe and with the participation of Mila Yovovich. Of course, this does not mean that they share the same universe as movies, as it is unclear in what context the games will develop the series if within the first third of the canonical franchise, the events of the manor and the Raccoon city or the second part of the internationalization of the epidemic, the events in Spain, Resident Evil 4, until the arrival of the main heroes in Africa.

I may also want to start from the events of Resident Evil VII, more esoteric and tells a different story (though canonical) more advanced in time than the events of previous videogames. Anyway, canonical and non-canonical works have a lot to tell and much content about the TV series, beyond pure attraction. zombie is already being used by series like The Walking Dead.

The studio is the German production and distribution company, Constantin Film, behind the films of Resident Evil based on Capcom's video game. Performing a showboard search to guide adaptation – Original deadline report.

Anyway, it's good news for fans of the genre and original video games. In addition, as the film adaptation has already taken all the consideration to make the next version of the Resident Evil universe, something sure is accepted by the fans.