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New attacks and two senior officials in the spotlight of the Buenosiren government with trout purchases

Now the researchers are focused Nestor Kassado, Director of the Joint Services, and Horaceo Mankovski, Deputy Director of Transport of the Directorate-General for Culture and Education. Both are attributed "illegal connection with the appropriation of public funds" but were released from prison after a court appearance.

Within this cause, this Friday morning was there agreement in the Department of Motor Vehicles of the Ministry of Education of Buenos Aires after a few clues that complicate these two top officials in this portfolio.

Personnel of the Division of. T Illegal drugs and organized crime the Buenos Aires police reclaim the place in search of documents and recordings which allow the investigation to be speeded up.

Given Casado and Mankowsky 's and visualization of photos on social networks where both have made their travels out and the purchase of vehicles, motorcycles and boats (something that could hardly be specified with their salaries), the Minister of Education, Sanchez Zinni Province, opened a summary of 60 days for both.

Azul, the daughter of Nestor Kassado, was the most reprehensible of the official representative of the new family benefits. – Welcome to the family. she wrote to her installation account the young woman showing a Dodge black RAM. While another boat is photographed before being put into the river: "Water duck, welcome"So he told about the infinity of Casados' chiches.

Another of the photos that attracted the greatest attention was when he portrayed his parents at Ezeiza Airport, returning from a trip to Miami, where she was joking about the ten suitcases that had been brought: – Dad and Mom are coming back from Miami … they seem to have brought something.

Fraud with millionaires with debit cards

The investigation focused on examining what officials of Buenos Aires from the Ministry of Education periodically diverts public money from fake fuel purchases at a gas stationo. It was also that detail several cards matched cars that did not work.

For now, there are only two detainees Gustavo Chirambero, syndicated in the investigation of being at the top of a criminal organization responsible for distributing and storing money products for the misuse of the public heritage; and Diego Burgos, second in command of the organization.

Obviously the group was working with more than 600 debit cardswith which they have received millions of pesos to buy goods that are ultimately personal and also have a significant cash flow.

From the investigation, they suspect that other employees at a gas station (located on 44 and 31 streets of La Plata) may be involved as a result of abuse, since one day after Ceas's arrest, he executed the Director General of that trade, Maximilian Norman, 44 years

"Maneuver comes in 2014, according to the investigation, so it can be said that the millionaire is the abuse of streams to the detriment of public administration provincial, "the prosecutor said I figured Alcartha.

Considering the amount of money stolen through this mechanism, Condomí Alcorta has asked for the assets of the investigated to be embargo, until the total amount stolen is checked out.

Among the abducted vehicles are: Fiat Palio AB 397 CG patent; Renault's Patent Symbol JCM 576; Suzuki Vitara CDR 334 patent; Peugeot 307 HRT 313 patent; Peugeot 208 AB 532 PE patent; four-cylinder GILERA 500 cc; four-wheeled HONDA 250 cc. Motorcycle Brand HONDA Model CBR Patent AO 54 MQV; brand motorcycle BMW F700 GS patent A048IWW; motorcycle brand YAMAHA 125 patent 370 YXC; brand motorcycle YAMAHA TERENE 250 patent A060EKI; Brand of motorcycles brand Mercedes Benz Sprinter MYY 539; yacht type motorboat, YAMAHA watercycle, and YAMAHA cement plane.

It is also calculated that the amounts of the provincial treasury for these cards go from 250,000 to 1,000,000 pesos a week.

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