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New Dawn is a direct sequel to Far Cry 5

From the outset it became clear: this article is full of SPOILERS in connection with Far Cry 5. Whoever did not betray it does not keep reading.

A few days have passed since the official performance of the Far Cry: A New Dawn and yesterday we saw even a great deal of gameplay (which personally left me cold, but that's another story), so it's time to comment in depth the consequences of this extension,

The first direct extension of Far Cry

091218 Farcry 01

Furthermore spinoff from 2005 for the first Xbox called Far Cry's Intelligents (I do it again with changes, in turn, from the first Far Cry on the computer) and that there is an extension of the same console with the name "Evolution", if we stick to the main saga, we are the first Far Cry with a direct sequel,

This is something we fantasize about after we talked in detail about the consequences of the end of the adventure we were fighting against Joseph Seed's sect: when we began to capture (at last, indeed) the prophet who had his mercy all Hope County, the "trumpets" that he mentioned in his last speech began to sound. Some "trumpets", which were actually nuclear bombs, as a biblical metaphor whose cleansing was dreamed of by Joseph to create a new world in which the faithful will turn to the Door of Paradise.

If this scene was already very impressive, Far Cry 5 keeps a final surprise: after we escaped to the bunkers to save us, the hero lost consciousness in a crash and woke up safely in a bunker … but only with Joseph Sade, entirely of his mercy. It is a pity that later on, after the game continued, there was no trace of nuclear bombs, just the reference to the game menu, so we fantasized about the idea of ​​a sequel (which we call Far Cry: A New Hope, not so misguided as the final title; instead of "hope", the word is "dawn") in a full post-apocalypse, as dropping out, Anyway, it looks more like RAGE 2,

Placed 17 years after the events that occurred with the Prophet Seven, pink color and this spirit more arcade (but without the obvious genius of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon) do this, nevertheless, it does not look like something like a sequel that we dreamed a lot, especially about how his menu takes care of his end.

And less when It has not been a year since the release of Far Cry 5 (He left on March 27, 2018, and received three extensions, like Accompanying activities; and its sequel will leave on February 15, 2019), which implies that the Hope County map will not change so much, except for some structures, such as an amusement park that can already be seen.

I already said that Joseph Seide at the end of the Far Cry video: "New Dawn":

I led you to the new world. I thought it would be glorious … but I was wrong.

This opens the door to more experiments in the saga

091218 Farcry 02

It seems obvious that Joseph Sade will repeat, although we will need to see his role in this sequel, as Ubišof clarified that the new villains are the twins Mickey and LouWe know that he will repeat in some way the figure of Hurk (there is a backup DLC called "The Legacy of Hurk"), classic in the saga, which we should see even in Far Cry Primal – an adventure that began in 2016

Somehow this continuation is half the sensations we have left behind Far Cry so primitive (in a good way) and the mechanisms implemented in Far Cry 5, but play with weapon modifications to create real evil as you can guess from videos.

The important thing, in any case, is that Ubisoft opens the door for us see more direct extensions of other Far Cry, like that of Far Cry 3, with remastering that was included right in the seventh chapter season. This is the most wanted sequel, despite the pull that Far Cry 2 also had for those who loved the most serious cut of this wisdom who was born in 2004. Although it is clear that there is no end, more willing to know how the story went on that Far Cry 5 about the bombs,

At least the cost of this sequel is considerably cheaper (less than $ 45), which does not prevent it from being considered a minor product in the official saga. The important thing is: When Will You Be Away From Creek 3: Blood Dragon 2?

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