Tuesday , January 19 2021

New Letes bidding in dollars: they run out to $ 1,100 million, and the government goes to offer 4.75% of the interest rate

What will be the last payout date of 2018, the government will offer a low interest rate for the renewal of treasury bills of $ 1,100 million, on 4.75% that he will pay the bills proposed next week is one of the lowest since he started offering the tools of the Ministry of Finance.

The auction letters are a end of the June 2019 electionsIn the government's financing plan, the idea in each Letes maturity is to achieve renovation close to or above 60% and to allocate obligations to avoid concentration of payments at one point.

In this sense, the months of January and February are important, as each has a total maturity of Letes for amounts close to 2000 million dollars,

Letes offers two sections: one competitive and one uncompetitive. In the first, bidders can mark the implicit course in which they wish to bid. In the second, bidders can only indicate the amount they subscribe to, accepting the percentage that competitive bidders have established at that time.

The auction auction, open between Tuesday and Wednesday, may be made in pesos. The exchange rate to be included in the purchase will be a wholesaler, which is constantly below the retailer. This difference in exchange apart interest rates that at some point become 7% per annum, were the main attractions of the strong demand for the debt instrument created by the Ministry of Finance.

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