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New Pokémon Sino arrives at Pokemon GO –

Once they know the arrival of the new bait modules, now the news continues for the users of the Pokémon GO,

That's what it is all about New Sincho Pokemon that they now have reached the application and we can find it in the game. We remain with a shared message:


We are pleased to announce that Pokémon GO will bring more Pokemon games originally discovered in the Sinnoh region! From the seas and from the beaches to the mountains and beyond, watch for heroes, gypsies, hippies, and so on. We hope to enjoy the fun and surprises when you find these Pokémoni in nature and going out of the eggs. Powerful movement, like Earth, also comes in Pokémon GO: ¡Tierra Viva!

But we have even more exciting news to tell you. Thanks to your dedication to helping Professor Willow with his research, he has made some amazing achievements in our favorite module: Lure Module. Inspired by the research conducted around the world, three improved latch modules have been developed. These modules attract Pokémon from the nearby areas, while creating a temporary special habitat. You will soon be able to take advantage of the power of glacier, moss and magnetic modules. These lures may even cause the evolution of some Pokémons!

More about these exciting news:

  • Now there are other Pokémon from the Sinoh region that can catch them in the wild and make them get out of the eggs.
  • Tierra Viva is a powerful loaded ground attack that can lower your opponent's defense in training fights.
    • Some Pokémon, recently arrived from the Sinoh area, will recognize the Living Earth movement.
    • Other Pokemonians who may know the Living Earth movement include Nidoqueen, Nidoking, Aerodactyl, Camerupt, and Claydol.
  • The Glacial, Mossy and Magnetic Bait modules can be obtained from the Game Store and will be available later this season as prizes for completing new special investigations.
  • These lures attract local Pokémon as well as a Pokémon bonus depending on the type of bait.
    • The Glacial Bait models attract some Pokemon lovers like the Pokémon water and ice.
    • The Mossy Bait modules attract some Pokémon who like to enjoy the leaves, such as Pokémon on bugs, plant and poisonous species.
    • Magnetic lure modules attract some Pokémon, which are attracted by electromagnetic forces, such as electric, steel, and rock poems.
  • When coaches are in the Poképarada range with an active lure of the right type, and Fotodisco rotate correctly, the evolution of Magneton and Nosepass, as well as some evolution of Eevee, will be activated.
    • You can choose to continue with these special changes to the Pokémon details screen.

What other surprises can you find? The only way to find out is to go out and walk!

– The Pokemon Team

What do you think about this news? Are you already trying to do with them? We will be careful to share with you more details about the new Pokémon available.


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