Thursday , July 29 2021

Newell slaughtered San Martin (SJ) and was saved from falling

He is Newell He received three golden points on Monday in the good cycle that Héctor Bidoglio stars in front of the team. In Rosario suffered 3: 0 San Martin de San Juan, he saved himself from mathematics and left the saint of San Juan more complex in this respect.

Lepra was well planted behind the hand of another great performance by Alan Aguerre and then hit just for a second to take advantage of the three penalties she had in the night.

The leper came out first against Franco Crystaldo, and Emanuel Dennon hurled the beam. Just averaging the first stage, Maximiliano Rodriguez had a close shot while 41 Lewis Ardente did not lower him in the area, so 44 Mauro Formica opened the jump with a blow to the right of the goalkeeper who came to touch the ball change your fate.

Aguerre appeared again at the start of the match against Alex Silva and 28-point-old Facundo Nadalin, but Pablo Ehaviaria drowned him as a penalty because of the absence of Arian Pucca of Rodriguez. Maxi, 29, finished to the left of Ardente to stretch the differences.

The same Ardente could shine before Joaquin Torres entered, the same as Aguire before Denning. At 48, Pucheta down to Cristian Insaurralde (with very few outside the field) and punishment 49 another entered, Victor Figueroa, scored a shot to the left of one before the final whistle.

That way, Newell is left with a reward that even serves for the next season, where he has reached his average sacrifice today. The saint, on the other hand, remains on the verge of danger.

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