Tuesday , June 15 2021

Nicole Neumann denies she was fired by the Lozano Court for rejecting Jimena Baron

"It's not true that I'm fired because of her replacement "the model responded with dialogue RatingCero.com.

He then rejected the theory of Ernesto Tanebaum for his departure. The radio program leader And now, who can help us? He assured that "there are few class prejudices on the part of Nicole to Jimena." "Jimena is not a blonde, she is not a German, she is not a barbell … ", He said. He said it in dialogue Tamara Five, a former partner of Nicole in the program Telefe.

"What he said is that he puts what he thinks in me, he sees himself … I can not really believe the theory of the horror that this man has cast., expressed the pattern, visibly upset.

In his debut as a conductor, Baron added fuel to the fire with the ironies and chickens for Nicole's absence. "I was told that there would be a good wave or a lot of grace in the replacement of Veronica Laozano, which would be very strange, because in the same study I made the hook with my ex., he started.

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