Sunday , May 9 2021

Night Sight: the amazing night vision of the Google phone

Google is updating the camera of its Pixel phones with a new feature: Night Sight, an incredible night vision mode that lets you take pictures with virtually no light, no flash or tripod.

The last giant of the tech giant raises the bar to computer photography. Night Sight uses a combination of pictures taken at very short intervals, with slow shutter speeds, and then processes them by reducing noise to achieve a picture of detail and quality that has never been seen before.

While photography often uses poorly illuminated photos using long exposure times and a tripod, Google achieves results by taking pictures with the device in hand.

"Night Sight" segments the exposure into a number of photos followed by them, which are then assembled into one image using the artificial intelligence created by the company. This is an evolution of the HDR + process used in the Pixel Camera with some updates.

Google promises that with this mode you can take pictures between 3 lux and 0.3 lux. Technically, "luxury" is defined as the amount of light reaching an area per unit area, measured in lumens per square meter.

And how much is 0.3 lux? The company says that this level of illumination is so scarce that it would be difficult to find the keys if they fall to the floor with this level of illumination.

According to The Verge, before taking a picture, Google's night vision makes multi-factor calculations. Using what the company calls for motion measurement, Pixel takes into account its own movement (or lack thereof), the movement of objects in the scene and the amount of light they have to determine how many exposures to take and how long withstand. ,

At most, Night Sight photos take up to six seconds and up to 15 frames for capturing an image. Google has set a one-second limit for each exposure if the phone is completely stationary or a third of a second if it is held by hand.

This means you can get six-second exposures with the tripod device or up to 15 shorter exposures when the phone is held, all of them giving a final shot.

"Night Sight not only makes great shots in low light, but also fun to use as it takes pictures in situations where you barely notice anything," said the technology giant on her blog.

"When the scene is dark enough, an icon will appear on the screen indicating that you can get a better Night Sight picture, but do not limit yourself to those cases just after sunset, concerts or in the city, Night Sight Makes Clean photos (low noise) and makes them brighter than reality, it's an effect that looks magical if it's done well, "he concludes.

Night Sight is available across the full range of Google Pixel phones, although the XDA developer forum has been able to install it on other devices at your own risk.

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