Tuesday , June 15 2021

Not that I had shown them …: Alfredo Cassero's inappropriate response to C5N

Alfredo Cassero Twit

"Not that I had shown them to them. Do not be angry with C5N"He tried to tweet the actor of cult television programs like" De La Cabeza "and" Cha Cha Cha "or forgotten as" A todo culorr "or" Casero en castellano ".

Camilo Alan, from the Federation of Commerce of Buenos Aires, explained in a mobile phone C5N The difficult moment in which the merchants of the country and their employees live. Alan has cited the study by the NGO Defendamos Buenos Aires, which warned that only 2536 stores worth 82 per day were closed in the city and the large Buenos Aires.

Home mocking mobile c5n.mp4

However, the creator of the phrase "We want a flank," who even had an echo in the president, made a gesture of mockery just as Alan criticized the Minister of Finance Nicholas Douvenov.

Provocation in Mobile on C5N, they certainly had the workers of the Canal minuteouno.com this day after day they try to reflect the social consequences of the economic model led by Casa Rosada.

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