Thursday , January 21 2021

Now fans of the River have invented their spirit to load Boca – 12.12.2018

Football is always a reward, and for fans of the River came the sweetest way. For years, they have been burdened by the Boca fans who mocked the downhill with national millionaire B in 2011. But now the tortillas turn.

Copa Libertadores' final in Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid will mark before and after in the history of SuperClassico and Argentine football. And the river knows …

But it was the cherry of a dessert that he cooked for several years, more precisely because Marcello Galardo is a River Coach.

And as the ingenuity of the fans does not rest, a group of fans of the river came up with the idea of ​​creating a ghost that scares Boca fans: "El fantasma Gallardo." This is an alter ego of the popular "Spirit of the B", on which they turn over those years of Boca.

From the Twitter Profile @RiverEPMA the video was viralized with eight people covered with a white sheet, each with a letter that formed the doll's surname. Cute revenge, do not scare anyone.

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