Thursday , January 28 2021

OCA: businessman related to Mojano was chased and confiscated in 500 million pesos – 07.12.2018

In advance of the case, Judge in Economic Criminal Matters Javier Lopez Bischhart processed this Friday Patricio Farku, President of the OCA, for the offense of illegally withholding social security contributions with a 500 million pesos embargo. The judge also took advantage of the OCA-related companies associated with Hugo Moyano for the same offense with a maximum conviction of 6 years. Prosecutors have not been detained because Farouch has been right in the case.

In detail, the magistrate of the Farcuh companies accusing OCA: Pertenecer SRL, Slam SA, Labor Inspectorate, Iron Security, Rhuo Group and Universal Facility, by the way.

By the middle of the year, Lopez Biscanart had processed Farku for failing to withhold and pay tax on income and value added tax in May until December 2016 and January and February 2017, but federal jurisdiction cancel processing and the prosecutor in the case must again raise the charge. Currently, OKA intervenes on the part of the judiciary.

In the resolution that he agreed to hunting horn In court sources, the judge ruled that Farouk had a purpose either well funded with money retention and collected perceptions, thus extending the period of return to the treasury in monthly installments over several years and at an attractive real interest rate for the local financial market given the existing inflation expectations or the implementation of the sums raised for the expansion of the so- "Grupo Rhuo",

"We can conclude, without further, that the behavior under study is represented as deliberately and freely done; so in this case there is no doubt that Patricio Nicholas Farouch has assessed the fact that he has omitted the timely deposit of the social security amounts deducted by the dependent workers of Planobra AD, Farouche also remained with the pension contributions of the employees of Pertenecer SRL ; GPS Services S.A .; Slam Servicios S.A .; Job Services Event Services Company S.R.L .; Services Management Services; Iron Security S.A .; Grouping of Grupo Rhuo Shared Services and Universal Facility S.A. as well as the withholding and income tax treatment (SICORE Im 217 and 787) corresponding to Planobra S.A .; Belonging to S.R.L .; GPS Services S.A. and the Management of the Company for Possible Services S.R.L. and the value added tax corresponding to Planobra S.A. "

It was not enough for Patricio Farkou to point out to him his street statement when he said that for most of the months in which the workers did not pay their contributions he was not in front of the company because Aste and Kamieros had usurped with Violence "postal headquarters. This is the period during which the Mojano Union forced the private postal company.

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