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Olivares and Jadone double offense: alleged gunman arrives in Argentina

Airplane Cessna Citation 500 by the federal police gone by 17 from Ezeiza International Airport to Montevideo. Meanwhile, for about 20 years, the plane started the return flight. Eventually, Navarro Cadiz arrived the exclusive civilian terminal minutes before 21,

As envisaged, after he lands on Argentine soil, the detainee will now be transferred to the PFA Headquarters in the Montserrat district of Buenos Aires. perform administrative proceduresThey will take you from there Courts will face the first investigative session in the next few hours,

His status is one of the most committed. First, because in an assault on his apartment on Montevideo 76 from the center of Buenos Aires, homicide department The federal police have found the 40 caliber weapon that was used in the attack this ended the lives of political leaders. The gun was hidden in the kitchen bag.

On the other hand, a car included in the investigation is on your behalf. It's about the old Renault 19 with which Juan Jesus Fernandez, the owner of Volkswagen Vento, of whom more than ten bullets that killed Olivares and Yadón fled to the Concepción del Uruguay in Entre Ríos, accompanied by the Spaniards Miguel Navarro Fernandez, the father of "onion".

Movie records also play against him. Head of the Federal Police, Nestor Roncalia, said that after the crime, Navarro Cadiz was seen in the security cameras circling the area, pointing to his house and throwing six bullets into two trash bins.

In addition, statements of suspects before the investigating judge Mariano Italalde and the prosecutor Estella Andrades They coincided, indicating who shot Oliver and Jadon. That said, Juan Jesus Fernandez. The same version gives the daughter of this, Estefania Fernandez Cano,

However, in tests: Iturralde and Andrades They still do not have enough material to create a cell phone for the crime.

This Friday was there new detainee in the case – the seventh total – a guy from the Gypsy community was called Castro Iglecias Montoyaalso known as "El Brasilero", who uses a bright gray Volkswagen Passat on the day of the event and will meet Juan Husus Fernandez the night before the murder.

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