Monday , June 21 2021

On Friday, the remains of Emiliano Sala will arrive in the country

After tragedy and sadness the remains of Emiliano Sala finally will be repatriated this Friday from England and disguised on Saturday at the club that saw him be born football in Progress, Santa Fe Province.

"Emmy's remnants arrive on Friday afternoon in Progress, at the San Martin's High School where the waking day will be organized," said Mayor of the City Julio Muller. "There will be a lot of people, the sports center is a symbolic place, it has always come in. I feel a lot of pain, he was a very loved and wonderful example for the kids," added Diego Solis, former Sala coach at this club.

The small town of Progress, located 70 kilometers northwest of the city of Santa Fe and 500 kilometers from Buenos Aires, was silent on Thursday, February 7 at 19:38when the Dorset police confirmed from the United Kingdom that the body found in the wreckage of the plane belonged to his Emiliano.

Almost 3500 inhabitants of this place were remembered when the striker took his first steps in San Martin. Many began to cry. Shortly thereafter, in a chain reaction, several left their homes and headed for Los Colonizadores Square to pay tribute to your neighbor, friend and companion, the emblem of people who miss it.

When Salla is playing in San Martin de Progresso.
When Salla is playing in San Martin de Progresso.

For 28 years He died of "head and body injuries"According to a court investigation conducted in England when he traveled from Nantes to Cardiff to join his new club, but the plane sank in the English Channel on Monday, January 21 at night.

The remains of the plane were found more than two weeks later, though only Sala's body could be restoredDavid Ibbotson's pilot remains missing.

To determine what happened, to a brief hearing in Bournemouth a judicial investigation was opened on Monday about the death of the Argentine player and the English pilot.

On the other hand, In all the courts of the world, senses are played to rememberTogether with those of Nantes and Cardiff City, one of the most sensitive was the Independent, a club where Sala was a fan. In the 9th minute of the game between Red and United, the game was stopped to applaud in his memory, and the fans showed the yellow balloons (Nantes shirt color) and the 9th flags.

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