Thursday , June 17 2021

One Child in Scotland Removes a Knife on Break and Teachers Accuse Fortnite –

Fortnite, the free shooter developed by Epic Games, it becomes more and more popular every day, there is no doubt about it. Many people play it on a daily basis, it is available on all platforms and generates millions every day. It is not surprising, therefore, that disputes arise around him.

The story we are going to tell you happened on January 14th in Eirshire, Scotland. While I was at the site, A 10-year-old boy knocked out a knife, but fortunately no one was hurt. The police went to the scene, the gun was confiscated and everything was frightening, though the teachers were afraid of the worst. And it is that teachers are afraid that this incident is just the beginning of a wave of violent behavior from which to come Fortnite,

Before that, the parents in question were warned at the school that the action scenes that appeared in Fornithy were presented at school, which led to an increase in violence. That's why they associate what happened with the knife to the popular game. They also informed parents that Fortnite and video games are generally associated with increasing the bad language used by students.

Since its launch, Fortnite is not without dispute. It has happened so much that last summer came to light when a young Briton spent a lot of money on this title. In addition, according to recent studies, addiction to this game accounts for 5% of divorces in the UK.

On the other hand, the debate about the link between video games and the increase in violence is not new. Fortnite is not the first case, and even less will be the last one.

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