Saturday , May 8 2021

One of the girls who got dressed in exchange for sparkling wine in the bowling alley is 15 years old

The authorities in the province of Santa Fe responded after the spread of the images they were watching teenagers who took off their clothes in order to earn alcoholic beverages in the bowling alley in Parana. It was furthermore confirmed that One of the young girls who went to the pub was 15 years old.

In this context, it will be one of the measures taken over the next few hours that the police found the girls, including the youngest, who came to show their breasts in the nasty "contest" to win sparkling wine.

According to the portal One Santa Fe, the aim would be to understand the context in which it is undressed and whether such situations are common in this Paran√° bowling alley. Another priority during the investigation will also be Talk to teenage parents.

Another of the measures agreed by the Gender Service and the Ministry of Defense of Santa Fe will be get as soon as possible the municipal authorities, the police, the owners of the bowling in question, but also all those who have nightclubs in Parana. In this context, they will be sensitive to issues such as juvenile delinquency and other crimes such as the supply of alcoholic beverages or juvenile drugs.

More specifically, what is responsible for the police, They will require troops and municipal authorities to have a greater presence and control over night spots.

Discarding a bowling animator

A young person identified on Facebook as Facundo Belozo writes in his social network and, far from self-criticism, asked those who spread the case to "do something more sensible."

"To all who raise things and think of the poor Piba, why do not they start to do something more sensible, I think it's too much for them to talk without knowing it," he writes.

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