Sunday , January 24 2021

Orgiosa: "I'm the best punishment"

The fourth was the victory: Rosario Central champion of Argentina Cup last night after defeating Gimnasia La Plata from the penalty point. If there is someone who knows how to define from this example, it is Néstor OrtigozaThere is evidence to support him that player Canal was a key player in the Libertadores of San Lorenzo de Almagro after punishing him for the first time Bode's title.

Convinced of his own qualities as a player, "Gordo", Orgigosa was flattered by a journalist who told him: "You are one of the best penalties in Argentinean football. "No, I'm the best, I'm the best and I know I will not be. Every time I catch a ball, I say, "I'm the best, I'm the best, I'm the best and I'm giving a handle and luckily not good?", the midfielder of the champion said without tours. Ortigoza opened the series, which was again infallible by the 12 steps.

The former Azulgrana also said, "We came to do a little. We knew we had to win a tournament that was denied three times. This Argentinean cup was to be won. When I decided to come here, I knew it was a great challenge. "He added," I am 34 years old today and one says, "Will I play another final?" I always train to play the finals, I'm trying to infect my colleagues who can work. I am happy because I am in the Center's great historyNow, to enjoy, the holidays come and we will see what will happen. "

It is not necessary to clarify that Canalla's fan is very passionate and that's what Orgiosa mentions: "These people deserve it because they are very loyal. We felt the tension, but at the same time we knew we always had the supportIt suffered a lot, Rosario's city was shocked, we had to win. I knew it would be a tough game.

Finally, there was time to dedicate a few words to Technika, Patton (Edgardo Bausa), with whom he won the Libertadores with "Cyclone": "He grabbed a team, very excited and bitter. He had a lot of personality, calm and could move forward. It can raise the mood of the players. He did, and tonight we're all celebrating it. "

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